Wednesday, August 24, 2016

another brick in the wall

In this otherwise enjoyable mystery series that I'm watching, there is an episode where the very modern and liberated heroine discovers that the 16 year old murder victim received the gift of some sexy underwears from an older man. Heroine is rightly suspicious of hijinks, and confronts older man. However, when she discovers that older man and man's wife were merely having a "polyamorous relationship" with the underage murder victim, and that they didn't kill her, all is forgiven and the plot moves on without any further mention of said threesome.

Um, hello? 

No, it's all OK, because as soon as it is determined that the sexual activity is something that we must be "open-minded" about, all reactions to it are required to be either neutral or positive. We can object to a 16 year old girl being preyed on by an older man, because that is gross (and illegal), but as soon as his wife is involved and it's a "lifestyle choice," it's not gross (or, apparently, illegal, since neither adult character suffers any statutory consequences) anymore. 

This, my friends, is how patriarchy persists. It becomes woven into our stories in the same way it's woven into our culture: invisibly, without comment, with the subtle threat of ridicule to keep you quiet. If you object, you are a relic, a Carrie Nation, a weak-minded harridan attempting to enforce your moralistic viewpoint upon your more progressive and high-minded peers.

Well, bring me my axe, Eugene. This is fucking bullshit. 

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